Yoga for Mental wellbeing!

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on May 08, 2021

Yoga for Mental wellbeing!


“Every Human Being Is The Author Of His Own Health And Disease”

                                                                                 -  Gautam Buddha


                                         We are what are mind is. 




Mental wellbeing includes emotional, social, and psychological state of mind. Disturbance in our social life, health, emotions, or thoughts upset our mental health. According to the yoga sutra, 90-95% of diseases originate in our mind. A healthy mind is one which is calm, clear, detached and is capable of being one -pointed. A person with such a mind can understand and control his emotions in any situation, not get easily disturbed and has all that is required to progress and be happy.

 As said earlier, our problems are born in our mind like a seedling that germinates from the seed. Then they grow as we water them with more negative thoughts which is followed with lack of sleep, abnormal excessive eating, or not eating. This converts into tension and later into stress. This in turn affects our normal routine, translates into a physical pain and the suffering begins. So most of the diseases have their root in our mind. Ayurveda addresses these issues in ‘Adhi’ (root/beginning) & ‘Vyadhi’ (pain). 


 In order to lead a healthy life, Yoga recommends that one should follow the Eight fold path of: 

1.‘Yama’ (Self Regulation / don’ts)

2.‘Niyama’ (Observance / do’s)

3.‘Asana’ (Postures)

4.‘Pranayama’ (Regulation of ‘Prana’ or bio-energy)

5.‘Pratyahar’ (Withdrawal of senses)

6.‘Dharana’ (Concentration)

7.‘Dhyana’ (Meditation) & 

8.‘Samadhi’ (Trans-consciousness)


Yoga helps in developing right mental attitude. It teaches us that tolerance is the first step and acceptance the final step for good mental health. 


Few yogic practices I follow to make my mind healthy are;

Conditioning : Mind is always unnecessarily switched on like the television in our house. It is continuously busy with one thought to another. Thinking about one person and then another, from one situation to another. It is very important to silence it. Sitting in ‘Sukhasana’ and concentrating on breath is a very good practice to silence our mind.

Acceptance : Learn to accept facts of life as they are, adverse situations & people as they are.

Like your work. Give 100% to whatever you are doing. It can be as simple as rolling a chapati or doing your ‘Asana’. Get totally involved in any activity without being distracted about results or problems, that itself is as good as meditation. Relax & Smile.

Live in the present. Forget your past & don’t worry about your future. Live in the moment.                                                                                                                 

  Develop a hobby. Nurture your creativity with a hobby. Create, read, and learn something that nourishes your mind.

Have faith in laws & ways of Nature.

Learn to confront your problems with decisions.

Create a non-judgemental attitude.

Forgiveness – Learn to let go of anger, pain, resentment, sadness, etc caused by an incident or a person.By doing this, you open the doors to true freedom, and attain peace of mind.

Introspection and Gratitude - Reflect on and write 10 positive things of the day. Start looking for things to be thankful about. You become aware of all wonderful things you are surrounded with in your life.

Prayer and Meditation -Faith that is well placed leads to enthusiasm, energy, concentration and even highest realisation. Prayer helps to increase faith.


My personal experience of practising Yoga as a way of life has relieved me off my knee pain & I am more at peace internally as well as externally. I am also able to see things & situations with a clear & positive perspective.

To sum up my journey in yoga, I have penned a poem –


   A Better Me

A new healthier happier me.

Who has now clarity what she desires to see.

With a mind calmer and heart stronger. 

Pushing all the ‘Kleshas’ down,

Moving ahead without a frown

A new healthier happier me.


With bountiful ‘Gyan’ and let go ‘Bhava - Vairagya’

Like never before glowing with Aishwarya. 

Using the word bore, not anymore always busy to the core. 

Not in any race moving at my own pace. 

No one to prove , nothing to show 

Enjoying this newfound life.

Filled with gratitude 

Here I am healthier, happier - A Better Me                    




                                                                   VIJAYA SANKHE .

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