The 7 habits of high performers.

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on Mar 01, 2021

The 7 habits of high performers.


We have always wondered why some people are more successful than the others. Some just get everything right while the rest of us are working our nights away and are still unable to make it. ‘Success’ as a word means different things to different people. To some people it means professional, to some it means relationships and to the rest it may mean a little bit of everything that life has to offer.

The expectations differ but the habits of people who have achieved success in life are more or less the same.

While there are many habits that are great to incorporate, we have zeroed in on the ‘7’ habits that are followed by most of the successful people in the world today and that can truly change the way  people think, live or become the best version of themselves.

Habit no 1: Wake up early

The first and foremost habit is to wake up early. Research studies show that people who wake up at 5 am have more chances at being successful than the rest of the people. According to  Harvard Biologist Christolph Randler,  early risers are more proactive and are more likely to minimise problems which are crucial in the world of business. Besides you will have a longer morning to complete your tasks and you will tire easily by the end of the day leading to a better sleep cycle.


Habit no 2: Exercise

People who exercise are fitter, and are more confident about themselves.Moreover they tend to be happier and more energetic than the people who don’t exercise. Exercise improves mental health and reduces anxiety and depression by improving the mood and the cognitive functions. They look better, think better and their skin radiates. So go exercise from today.


Habit no 3: Meditate and breathe 

Close your eyes, shut the outside world and spend time with yourself for at least 5 minutes everyday. Learn to meditate as there are innumerable benefits to meditating. Meditation stimulates the right brain which is your creative and intuitive brain often known as the ‘sixth sense’ which can help leaders and entrepreneurs to make important decisions. Meditation leads to better focus and improved concentration. It also reduces stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that people who meditate have better emotional health, memory, and can learn things quicker than people who don’t meditate.


Habit no 4: Device detox

 These days people are stuck to their devices to work, learn and also to socialise. The boundaries between professional life and personal life have become thin with people constantly checking their mails even at home. It has led to people becoming less socially interactive in the real world and spending their time in a virtual world. Steve jobs didn’t let his children use i-pads for over a year after they were released. Many other successful people too have laid boundaries for their children regarding the use of devices. To stop seeing a device first thing in the morning, get an alarm clock, instead of keeping an alarm in the mobile as we invariably start checking for messages and then get hooked onto the device. Digital detox will lead a person to be aware and mindful of their surroundings and better performance.


 Habit no 5: Journalize


 Many  successful people pen down their thoughts either at the beginning of the day ,during or by the end of the day to reaffirm their short term and long term goals. It helps to organize and plan your days and life in general. Journalising also helps prioritise and get better clarity on our fears, insecurities and dreams. It helps set and achieve goals. It boosts memory and elevates our mood. Breaking down the goals into small steps will make it look attainable and provide us with a direction to achieve it.


  Habit no 6: Hydrate

This is one of the most unknown common habit of achievers.They drink a lot of water. While everyone knows that water lubricates our body and flushes out the toxins keeping it healthy, clean, and young,  not many know that water also acts as a cushion to the brain.So when you are well hydrated your brain function is at it’s best. Regular dehydration can lead to hampering of proper thinking and reasoning. 


 Habit no 7: Cultivate a hobby


Spending time on an activity that is not related to your profession and at the same time gives joy is essential.Hobbies like singing, reading, cooking, and gardening etc…reduce your stress, and enhance your creativity. Mind is rejuvenated and if a hobby leads to making more friends, its even better since you have an extra layer of support in your life. They will make your life more meaningful and fun. A happy individual is more productive and efficient at his work.

These 7 habits are common in people who are successful and lead a good life.

 As Chris Grosser quotes “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” So start with a few and later try to incorporate all of the habits one by one for a more meaningful life and become the best version of yourselves.


                                                                            Soumya Ramaswamy.                                                               


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