The door to new beginnings

The door to new beginnings!

Dvaar soap
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At our store, we offer wholesale prices and customization options for events or your yoga studios. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gathering, or a special celebration, we provide affordable rates for bulk orders. With our expertise in customization, we ensure your event/studio is tailored to perfection. Experience seamless planning and incredible savings with us. Contact:

What People Are Saying

The Disha cork mat is beautiful, trendy, and extremely comfortable. This mat is convenient to use during stretching, and for at home workouts. This mat also provides a nice grip and the strap makes it easy to carry on the go.

Ronak Gowda

I am totally in awe with my Sangam bottle.I was looking for a copper bottle but wasn't keen on the copper look outside. And the search ended at Dvaar. The wooden finish is outstanding. The bottle is sturdy and fits in my bag easily. It's a perfect combination of health, looks and being eco friendly. Couldn't ask for more.


I bought Dvaar yoga mat.Its of exceptional quality! I started using it and I am feeling very comfortable.Thank you for the timely delivery.

Triveni Hiremath

The Banana fiber mat is simply awesome.I am using it to enhance my bedroom decor after my practice because of its classy look.


The kesar soap has a beautiful smell, lathers well and works wonders for sensitive skin. Would highly recommend it.

Jigna Shah

Thank you for such a good quality Yoga mat

Palak Agarwal

"I had been meaning to buy a cork mat for the longest. Stumbled upon DVaaR's Shakti series and was blown away by it. I chose Aabha, one of the five mats that DVaaR offers in its Shakti series. It fulfilled all my pre-requisites viz. eco-conscious, suitable for outdoor workouts, and easy to clean. I also wanted a mat that subtly stands out. Aabha looks good and feels great! Team DVaaR is doing a fantastic job with their products. Extra points for their kind and prompt customer care team. Looking forward to come to your DVaaR again."

Sanika Shetye

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As Malala Yousafzai once said, Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.

Our Children are our future, and we resonate with the Angel Xpress foundation's mission that for every child that is mentored to become a responsible adult, there are 10 more waiting to be guided towards a better future. We believe that an involved educated adult can lead a child to discover their true potential, and that every child deserves that opportunity. A part of our sales proceeds go to Angel Xpress foundation, an organisation that is working towards creating a better society and brighter future.

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Are you wondering how to dispose of your old mats lying around the house?
Well! We have a solution for you. We at DVaaR believe one person’s waste could be another’s utility.
You could give them to your house help or cut them out and use them under your washing machine, fridge or as mats in your cupboards.
You could make coasters, notice boards, and other exciting things. Just put your creativity hat on. Recycle and reuse them in your way.
Please share with us images or videos of your creativity. We will feature them on our social media handles.
If you still need help, please send your old yoga mats to DVaaR, and we will ensure that your mat is recycled or reused based on their condition.
We will send updates about your mat on our social media handles and newsletters.
You will also get a 15% discount on our new mat if you purchase from us.
Please write to for further information.


You love to express yourself with words. We
would love to hear from you. Share your exciting thoughts about good health,
proper eating, positive thinking, fitness, yoga, energies, travel, etc.
Anything that inspires people to live life better and makes for an exciting
read. If we like your write-up, we could publish it on our blog and offer a 15%
discount on our merchandise for your valuable contribution.

Please send your write-up to

We believe in a health body and mind and that’s why we like to support Yoga teachers, meditation gurus and other influencers who are helping people live healthier lives.

If you run a yoga centre, fitness studio, an independent teacher, or are a reseller we will support your business by offering supplies at wholesale rates.

For more information write to