DVAAR was born during lockdown.

We realised that a lot of people in villages and towns were losing their livelihoods due to this pandemic.

Another revelation was the impact on the environment. While we were under lockdown,  there was less mess everywhere. The flora and fauna thrived and the surroundings were cleaner. But what would happen once we got back to our lives, living it the same way we did. So we decided to tackle two problems by creating DVAAR.

DVAAR means ‘door’ in Sanskrit. DVAAR is an initiative to create employment for villagers, and small manufacturers by creating sustainable and contemporary products that are kind to the user and the earth.

Since we believe in an active and holistic life ourselves, we focused on yoga mats and meditation accessories related to fitness. When we were doing our research on sustainable products we realised most of our workout mats including our personal yoga mats were made of PVC which is carcinogenic and we were unaware of it.


So we decided to make the switch to sustainable mats that are not harmful to us and the planet. At our store, you will see mats and accessories that are natural, or easier to recycle. Our grass mats are handmade from weavers in Tamilnadu while our cotton mats are from Uttarpradesh.

Our journey has just begun and we know we have a lot of learning and unlearning to do. Every dawn is turning into a day of revelation and realisation. There has been such tremendous support from so many people, and vendors who are on the same mission as us, that we strongly believe we are on the right path.

DVAAR. The door to your wellbeing!