Quick healthy snacks -Palak's kitchen

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on Jun 19, 2021

Quick healthy snacks -Palak's kitchen

The lockdown has had us racking our brains for some quick snacks. Most of the quick recipes are not healthy. So here is filling the gap between quick and healthy. Presenting 4 recipes by Palak Relia that are nutritious, and can be made easily at home. Indulge in them guilt free, and if you have any quick, and healthy recipes to share with us, please mail us on


 Rava Dhokala 


1cup rava (semolina)

1cup dahi

1cup water 

1 sachet eno 

Salt to taste 

2 teaspoons cold pressed ground nut oil

How to make Tadka:

Heat 1spoon Oil . Add 2 teaspoons mustard and after they crackle add 12-14 curry leaves. 

Dhokla :Mix all of the ingredients except the oil. Now take a plate that you can put in your steamer and grease the insides with the oil. Now pour the mixture into the plate and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile keep the steamer ready. Now put the plate inside the steamer and sprinkle it with some red chilli powder and steam it for 10 min and voila it's ready. You can garnish it with tadka rai( mustard) and kadipata(curry leaves)or you can go in for an elaborate garnishing with shredded carrot ,cabbage, corns, coriander leaves etc. Cut it into cubes and serve.



Recipe no 2: Powerbowl


Fresh Curds

Pomegranate seeds

Beetroot (grated)

Moong (green gram boiled)

Green Chillies(finely chopped)


Take some fresh curd and add to it boiled moong, some pomegranate seeds, some grated beetroot, some cut green chillies and some salt. Thats all. It is a complete meal in itself because it is got dahi (curd),  moong(green gram), fruit, and, vegetable. If you don't want to cook anything further, then you can have it with simple khakara (crispy roti) . It is generally teamed up with khakara or leftover rotis.

If you don’t want to eat with rotis, you can add some crunch by adding sunflower seeds and, nuts of your choice.






Recipe no 3:Besan ka chilla 


1 cup of besan (gram flour)

1medium size Onion (finely chopped) 

1medium size tomato(finely chopped) 

Coriander leaves 

Ajwain (carom seeds) half teaspoon.

Hing (Asafoetida)


Chopped green chillies, 

Red chilli powder

Mix all of the above ingredients. Beat it very nicely as you beat your eggs with little water and you can have make it like a dosa or chilla (small pancake) . Team it up with some chutney , curds or pickle at home.

This is a complete protein packed dish, and it is as vegetarian substitute for omelet. The best part is it since it is besan, its gives you lots of iron, lot of protein, and it's also helps against acid reflux because once you consume besan,  you tend to consume a lot of water which keeps your acid reflux under control. It is very good  for people with high diabetes also because unlike rice or wheat the glycemic index of besan is lower, therefore  its good for people suffering from diabetes and anamia.




Sattu drink- A homemade protein shake.


Sattu powder(available in market or homemade)

As the picture suggests, make a powder of roasted split gram with the husks on it. It can be had as a pre workout or post workout drink.Take curds, and add finely chopped green chillies, onions, raw mangoes, Jeera powder, lemon, and black salt. It is a great drink for people with weight problems, diabetes and anaemia. It doubles up as great summer drink too.


Try these quickies from Palak’s kitchen  and let us know if you have any healthy recipes from your kitchen to share with us on

 Stay Fit, Stay Healthy and Stay safe.


DVaaR- The door to your wellbeing!





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