The science about drinking in copper vessels

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on Apr 15, 2022

The science about drinking in copper vessels


Copper is the oldest metal in world history used by human beings. Before the Bronze Age, copper was the dominant metal in making cutlery, utensils, vessels, spearheads, swords, and jewellery It holds an important place in Indian culture. Copper is widely used in pooja, in the kitchen, in decorations. Earlier it was used in the currency and for making weapons as well. It is considered pious. It is known to purify everything. It is not just a religious sentiment. There is a scientific reason behind it. Copper can destroy various viruses and bacteria. Ayurveda advocates storing water in copper vessels. Ancient Egyptians used copper vessels to keep water fresh. Even today, large-sized Copper vessels are used at the Shiva temple at Rameswaram to store water brought from the river Ganges to offer to Lord Shiva. Water, stored thus, stays fresh for years together. According to scientists, the copper vessel can be the answer to kill the `E-Coli’ bacteria, which causes food poisoning.

British scientists researched copper and concluded that copper ions kill harmful bacteria, a capability not found in any other metals including gold. A research group from Southampton University found that Coli 157 bacteria can live happily in stainless steel vessels for months together. In contrast, copper vessels at room temperature can kill them in just four hours. At 20 degrees centigrade, in the stainless-steel vessel, those bacteria live for 34 days, while they live for four days in the brass vessel.

Ayurveda says water stored in a copper vessel balances the three elements of the body, i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Some of the benefits of copper water are-

  • It plays a crucial role in multiple essential body functions, such as energy production, connective tissues, and your brain’s chemical messaging system.
  • Copper is known for its property of phospholipids which help form nerve coating (myelin). This prevents from seizures occurring and acts as Brain Stimulant.
  • Copper is a known antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic agent which helps in slowing down the ageing process by preventing cell damage. It is also used in the treatment of cancer these days.
  • Positively charged water regulates the Thyroid Gland’s functioning.
  • Copper water (ionic electrolyte) helps maintain the balance of acid-alkaline (pH balance) in the body. This also helps regulate Body Fat.
  • Copper helps the production of Melanin in the body. This prevents white patches (Leukoderma/ Vitiligo), sunburns, premature greying of hair, freckles etc.
  • Ayurveda suggests the usage of copper water to prevent and cure arthritis
  • Internal wounds, ulcers, piles, skin diseases, respiratory disorders, rheumatism can be healed with copper water.

Copper is an excellent metal to be used in the kitchen for storing water as it prevents bacteria formation and corrodes less. In India, copper has been used since antiquity, as our ancestors figured out its benefits long ago. Let’s go back to our culture and stay rooted in our rich traditions by using copper in our daily lives and tapping into the health benefits of this magical metal.



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