Bamboo, the resilient one!

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on Mar 15, 2022

Bamboo, the resilient one!


As the world continues to evolve and grow with the advent of new technologies and production mechanisms, we rarely take a step back to understand how this evolution is hurting mother nature in numerous ways. As responsible world citizens, we must make better choices that help us build a greener tomorrow! Amongst other efforts by new-age entrepreneurs in this direction, Sustainable Fabric shows us the light at the end of the tunnel. There are a variety of alternatives flooding the market, such as Banana Fiber, Cork, Hemp, Jute etc., out of which Bamboo Fiber is growing in popularity. Let’s find out why!


Bamboo - a super plant

Bamboo plants grow up to two feet in only one day, making them super plants. Since this naturally renewable grass develops quickly with minimum maintenance, it has become a popular choice for manufacturing various products in a short span. Bamboos are versatile and are used to make a wide range of sustainable products like coffee cups, straws, toothbrushes, apparel, footwear, furnishings, and many more. 

Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly resources. A variety of textiles can be obtained from it, mainly depending on how producers acquire them. It is natural and a cruelty-free alternative to silk. Bamboo fabrics are very soft, so products made out of them like towels, underwear, shirts, and bedsheets are often soft, breathable, and smooth.

Why should you go for Bamboo fabrics?

-   All-natural: One of the significant benefits of using bamboo for fabrics is that it doesn’t require pesticides while growing up.

-   Easily grown: Bamboo grows quickly, making it a go-to crop for producing fabric on a moderate to large scale.

-   Draws moisture from the skin: Bamboo fabric is soft, and it keeps you dry by absorbing sweat from your skin.

-   Absorbs CO2: Bamboo absorbs two times more carbon than other trees and gives out 30% more oxygen than other trees.

-   Used for construction: Bamboo is a durable and robust plant and has often been used for construction.

-   Conserves water: Bamboo contributes to saving the environment by storing large amounts of water during over flooding. Their water absorption property helps prevent landslides, soil erosion, watersheds, etc. When stored properly, this water can be used effectively during droughts.

-     Re-growing property: Bamboo plant has regeneration powers. A cut bamboo stalk will unfurl new leaves, and these leaves send energy to the root system, encouraging them to grow new shoots. Bamboos are an excellent renewable resource that re-grows naturally without manual reforestation.

Bamboo Towels

Bath and hand towels have been used by many families worldwide for centuries. Choosing a fabric that can dry the hands and body delicately is essential. Bamboo towels are increasing in demand because people are looking for more sustainable options which assure quality in terms of functionality at the same time.

Benefits of Bamboo towels:

Quickly absorbs water: Bamboo fabrics are very soft and spongy. They have a fantastic water-soaking capacity and dry out quickly.

Skin-friendly: Bamboo towels are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antifungal, making them suitable for all skin types. These towels don't catch odour even after multiple days and times of use. Bamboo towels always look fresh and soft!

Biodegradable: Bamboo towels are biodegradable and are an incredible choice for safeguarding the future of mother earth, unlike microfiber towels. The bamboo fabric will normally decay and blend into the soil as compost, thus helping in reducing pollution and overall carbon footprint.

Ideal for all uses: Bamboo towels are not just for after a bath. It can be easily used after yoga and gym sessions, and other activity classes. It can also be used as a travel towel, beach towel, and face towel.

Add a little Bamboo to your daily routine:

At stores like DVaaR, the bath and hand towels are made of bamboo fibre and cotton. As Bamboo is durable and more absorbent than cotton, the towels are soft and become softer with each wash. These towels are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and antifungal, making them safe for human touch.

From softness to safety and functionality, Bamboo Fabric indeed leads the way, making it an ideal choice for day-to-day usage. It is also a sustainable alternative to other polymer-based harmful materials for producing fabric. If you genuinely care for the future of our planet, then it’s time to open the door to a sustainable lifestyle and make an informed decision. 

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