The Path Of Longevity

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on Dec 26, 2020

The Path Of Longevity





The teacher said, “Go strip the bark of the cork trees”.

The student who was eager to please the teacher found it strange. The trees stood tall and seemed healthy and what good would it do to simply tear the bark of a cork tree? However the student decided not to question the teacher and obediently went and spent the whole day tearing the bark of the trees. He was exhausted by the end of the day and went to meet his teacher. The teacher asked, “So did you learn anything today?”

“No Sir, I missed my lessons because I was stripping the bark of the trees “ the student said solemnly. The teacher asked “Do you know why a bark of the cork tree has to be cut?” It’s because it becomes lazy and complacent with time and needs to be re-energized. By tearing the bark you have given a new purpose to the tree to regrow its bark to protect and strengthen itself. It absorbs more carbon dioxide and releases double the oxygen than a regular cork tree. This spurt in activity also adds to its longevity.

Similarly we humans grow comfortable and become complacent with time. We need to shed this bark of comfort and embark on a new purpose to stay alive and active for a longer time. The student looked at his teacher in admiration.

This story is an inspiration to anyone who wants to do something new and wishes to bring a difference in their life. Complacency is a poison which eats us from within. So get up, dust off and find a new purpose. It could be anything from getting a fitter body or creating a beautiful corner in your home to standing up for a cause you believe in. Just start working on it and keep your energies flowing. You will stay alive for longer! 

                                                                                     - Maya Raghu

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