The Magic of Meditation

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on Dec 10, 2020

The magic of Meditation



‘Don’t count how many times your mind wanders away while you meditate, count how many times you have tried to come back’ said a teacher in school.

Mind is like a witch or a wizard. It just needs to be leashed on to the right path.

Hence Meditate!

Meditation is a door to the world inside you. A perfect gateway into your inner world, where you have the privilege to stand on a podium like Dumbledore and mentor the witch or nurture the wizard.

When you look  into the mirror of meditation, we know that we aren’t the prettiest of all, regardless of what we think. So improve.


When we suppress emotions , it shows on our physical body in the ways of allergies, joint pains, digestive complications, etc and the list is endless.

Meditation is the pill given by mother nature to self analyse, diagnose, and heal.


Mediation sounds a perfect antonym to Agitation 

Meditation also streamlines our varied thoughts, ideas, dreams, and goals and gives us a right direction. Most of the successful people across the world today have incorporated meditation in their daily schedule and swear by it.

Take time everyday to walk away from the humdrum of your daily life to enter into a serene calm world to relax, rejuvenate and re-energize yourself.

Hence enter the 'dvaar' of heaven, which is nowhere above or beneath this earth but very much around the lives that we live.

                                                                         - Palak Relia.

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