Going bananas over sustainable fashion – The Banana Fiber

by DVaaR The door to your wellbeing! on Feb 03, 2022

Going bananas over sustainable fashion – The Banana Fiber


Fashion is evolving with new trends spreading like wildfire, capturing the imagination of fashionistas across the globe. There has always been a growing demand for textiles as the availability of natural fiber is depleting on one hand, while synthetic fiber is harming our ecosystem in unimaginable ways. Researchers and textile manufacturers worldwide are exploring technologies to make fashion more sustainable by introducing a variety of natural fiber alternatives. Banana fiber or Musa Fiber, is one such alternative that is set to change the face of textile industry. Let’s find out why. 

What is banana fiber? 

Banana fiber is a natural biodegradable fiber that is made from the stem of banana trees. The sheaths found around the stems is firstly separated from the trunks and flattened. The fiber is then stripped by getting rid of the pulpy section and pulling the strands apart. The strands are then scraped using a knife blade to remove the plant tissues. Finally, the fiber is dried for further textile processing. 

Turning waste into a solution 

Banana plants bear fruits only once in their lifetime, after which the stems have to be discarded. Billions of tons of such stems are wasted every year around the world. Using the power of sustainable technologies, almost 37 Kgs of this waste can now be converted into 1 Kg of biodegradable fiber. Recycling is one of the pillars of building a greener future and Banana Fiber definitely shows us a way forward in this direction. Moreover, this can give rise to a textile revolution, opening up employment opportunities in rural areas which can ultimately drive economic development. 

The perfect blend of durability and versatility 

Banana Fiber is better than most other natural alternatives like bamboo fiber because of its higher tensile strength, fineness and spin ability. Versatility is another reason why it is growing in popularity all over the world. Textiles of different weights and thicknesses can be manufactured using different parts of the banana stem. The outer sheaths of the stem can yield coarse fiber like burlap or cotton while the inner sheaths can be used to make softer silk-like fiber. 

Applications and usage 

The shiny, fine inner fiber can be used to make garments like Kimonos and Sarees. Fiber made out of the outer sheaths can be used to weave baskets and produce other products such as handbags. Stores like Dvaar, have a variety of sustainable yoga mats some of which are made using banana fiber and cotton. Apart from pure textile, Banana Fiber is also used as a blending material for added durability. The wide range of applications of this natural fiber makes it a popular choice for entrepreneurs looking to explore new avenues in the textile industry. 

When a durable, versatile and sustainable natural alternative like banana fiber is available in the market, it becomes our responsibility to think consciously and make better choices. It’s time we open the Dvaar (door) to a greener tomorrow so that we leave behind the world for our future generations, exactly the way we found it. 

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